Nu Generation XHP offers hemp oil in several different dosages, so one question you might have is what dosage is right for you. It is going to be different for every person and every purpose, but what follows are some general guidelines to help you decide what dosage you should use.

This is a very low dosage. Most low-cost hemp oil products you find in retail stores are 100 milligrams. If no specific dosage is listed, then chances are it is a low dosage. We sort-of look at this low dosage as a starter “baby aspirin” dosage. It is good for general health purposes because of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which help regulate numerous body functions. This dosage may have limited effect on illness or serious health problems.

This is a low medium dosage that, like the low dosage, is very beneficial from a general health standpoint. This is the minimum recommended dosage to aid in alleviating pain or for helping with minor ailments.

This is a medium dosage that provides a good overall level of health benefit both in terms of general health as well as for pain and sickness. If you have an ailment such as asthma, arthritis, or a hormonal imbalance, this dosage should work well. The founder of Nu Generation XHP takes a daily 500MG dosage for his own arthritis, which has improved tremendously.

This is a high medium dosage that will work well for those suffering from asthma, diabetes, and many other serious illnesses. It will also provide excellent pain relief for those suffering from mild to severe pain.

1200MG – 1500MG
This is a high dosage range for those dealing with severe pain or ongoing ailments who need something more powerful than a medium dosage product.

This is our highest dosage that is recommended for those with severe or chronic illness, or suffering high levels of pain.

We believe it is possible to replace many chemical drugs with hemp oil, which is much safer with no side effects. However, you should definitely consult with your doctor before dropping any doctor-prescribed medications. If you’re still not sure what dosage to use, we recommend starting with 500MG. However, if you’re only purpose is for general health and for the fatty acid profile, the 100 or 300MG dosage may be what you need. If you have severe or chronic health problems, a higher dosage in the range of 1200MG to 2000MG dosages will work best.