Nu Generation XHP offers four types of hemp oil products. It is important to understand what each type is for to make sure you purchase the product that is best for you.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
This type of hemp oil is the most complete and effective as it contains CBD as well as all other cannabinoids that are found in the plants. These include CBN, CBG, and yes, trace amounts of THC. Our broad spectrum CBD oils may contain up to .3% THC. This small an amount is not enough to cause any type of psychoactive effect (like you might get when smoking marijuana, for example). However, we cannot guarantee that it will not cause problems with a drug test, although we would not expect it to. This is the most effective version of CBD oil because of its complete profile. This product is legal nationwide.

CBD Isolate
This version of hemp oil contains CBD that has been isolated from all of the other cannabinoids. It contains no THC.

Pain Relief Cream
Hemp oil is a very effective natural pain reliever that is much safer than manufactured chemical pain relievers. We sell pain relief cream in 200mg and 400mg dosages. The highly effective pain cream absorbs quickly and starts working in minutes. There is no strong odor and it does not stain.

Hemp Oil for Pets
Hemp oil has also been shown to be highly effective at aleviating pain and sickness in animals, just like humans. Our pet product is a different formulation from our CBD oils, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids.