Hormonal imbalance is an issue that affects individuals all over the world. Over time, out-of-whack hormones can disrupt one’s daily routine and cause a multitude of problems.

Many people are unaware of how to create and maintain a hormonal balance, despite how common this issue is, especially amongst women.

What is a Hormonal Imbalance?
A change in one’s hormonal levels is not always concerning. Something as little as a poor night’s rest can affect hormone levels the following day. However, an ongoing hormonal imbalance is a serious issue that can completely disrupt the quality of one’s life.

It can result in symptoms such as fatigue, poor quality of rest, anxiety, decreased libido, digestion problems, and changes in weight, to name a few.

What Kind of Damage can a Hormonal Imbalance Cause?
While it may seem like a few minor symptoms that an individual with a hormonal imbalance may experience, there are serious long-term side effects that can occur if this imbalance is not corrected. Infertility, endometriosis, hair loss, cancer and memory loss are all side effects that can take a toll on someone with this issue.

Why You Should be Using Hemp Oil to Help Maintain your Hormonal Balance
There are a few traditional treatments to deal with hormonal imbalance, such as Replacement Therapy (HRT), prescribed medication, and herbal remedies. HRT is commonly used to treat symptoms that women experience while going through menopause. Prescribed medication is a form of treatment in cases where individuals require a prescription for one or more of their symptoms, where the medication is masking the underlying issue. Herbal remedies typically do not have enough concrete evidence backing them. It can be difficult to find a solution that works.

The main issue with these treatments is that they only elevate symptoms and do not correct the underlying problem: the hormonal imbalance.

Studies show that once ingested, hemp oil communicates with the user’s Endocannabinoid System. The ECS has receptors that are all over one’s body, which means that the oil can affect different parts of the body.

The ECS plays a part in our bodies’ endocrine system, which creates and maintains hormones. The ECS activates our body and brain receptors, which impacts how our hormones are being released. Essentially, hemp oil has a direct pathway to creating and maintaining one’s hormonal balance.

In other words, hemp oil may be the missing link in restoring one’s body to a proper hormonal balance.