Hemp oil, also commonly known as cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound which has been found to provide healing effects on the body. While it does come from cannabis plants, it does not have any psychoactive effects. It’s most commonly used on patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as HIV/AIDS, inflammation or cancer. So why is hemp oil so effective on those types of diseases?

Hemp oil does not technically boost immunity because it suppresses inflammation. There are times when inflammation is beneficial. However, many diseases operate by causing your immune system to be overly active. This is when the inflammation suppressing properties of hemp oil are extremely beneficial. It is a regulator for processes that are running out of control in your body.

Many diseases have a chronic inflammation effect, causing your body to turn on itself. Multiple sclerosis is an example. This disease causes your immune system to target your central nervous system.

There is a lot of promising research being done that shows that the compounds in hemp oil cause cancer cells to destroy themselves. Cancer cells do not self-regulate, causing the cancer to spread quickly. The fact that cannabis compounds prevent this is a very exciting development.

So does hemp oil increase immunity? That would not seem to be the case. But what it does is help the body regulate itself properly. Balance is key to a healthy body, and that is where hemp oil shines.

A recent study of over 2,400 people who use CBD found that over four-fifths of them were finding relief from their symptoms from the use of the oil. There is also evidence that CBD might be able to prevent HIV from progressing into AIDS by combatting the PDC function that worsens the condition.