As we continue our series of articles looking at the various remarkable benefits of hemp oil, today we are going to discuss how it helps improve your skin. It can help improve skin health when taken both orally (drank) and topically (applied directly to the skin).

Hemp oil taken for your health is normally consumed orally. However, the oil can also be used directly on your skin. It works well as a moisturizer because it does not clog skin pores at all, and the fatty acids in the hemp oil protect your skin from moisture loss. To use it this way, just gently massage the oil onto your skin, pretty much like any other skin product.

Hemp oil also helps considerably with acne, both as an external lotion as well as for its hormone regulating property when taken orally. It can reduce the size of pores, which tightens your skin and helps reduce the sebum that causes acne and greasy skin. It is a dry oil that acts as a moisturizer. Hemp oil also helps reduce acne by reducing the amount of oil that your skin produces on its own.

Research studies have shown that taking hemp oil for a few months helps with dermatitis, largely as a result of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids it contains. Those same fatty acids serve many other health uses as well, including lowering elevated triglyceride levels (which helps prevent heart disease), helping ease arthritis pain, and helping elevate mood for those with depression.

Hemp oil helps prevent premature aging of skin because of its high level of antioxidants. It helps improve skin’s elasticity and water retention, which causes your skin to appear younger and smoother. The oil seals moisture into the skin, softening rough patches, as well as soothing skin rashes. Tighter, smoother skin can result from regular hemp oil consumption.

Another benefit of the high fatty acid content is that hemp oil acts as a blood thinner. This helps with varicose veins because it prevents the buildup of blood that contributes to the appearance of the veins through your skin. Thinner blood equals fewer visible veins.

By combining oral hemp oil consumption with topical application, you can create remarkable improvements in your overall health as well as improving the appearance of your skin. Drink it…rub it on your skin…whatever you do with it, it will help improve your skin health and appearance. It can also be combined with other ingredients, such as coconut oil and rosemary, to create a super-concoction to appy to your skin. If you create your own topical concoction, you should dab it on to your skin for a couple of minutes and then wash it away with warm water.

From a broader perspective, we would recommend consuming hemp oil orally regardless of any application to your skin. It will improve your overall health, and you will look better and feel better. But if you already currently use products on your skin, then we can definitely recommend hemp oil as a healthy way to improve skin health.

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