Hemp oil, also known as CBD, is a cannabinoid, which are chemicals found in hemp plants. CBD does not affect the same receptors as other cannabinoids – it produces no euphoric feeling but is excellent for relieving pain. According to research, CBD stops the body from absorbing certain compounds that regulate pain, allowing increased amounts of those compounds to flow through your bloodstream. The oil may also limit inflammation around the brain and nervous system. Here is a closer look at how to use hemp oil for pain relief.


The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate how people can use hemp oil for pain relief. Dosage amounts vary according to the user and his specific symptoms. Refer to our article here as guidance on what dosage might work best for you. In general, a 500MG dosage will provide good general health benefits, help with moderate ailments and help relieve moderate pain. A 1200MG dosage would be recommended for severe pain or chronic illness.

How Hemp Oil Helps Reduce Pain

CBD has the ability to attach itself to receptors in your brain and immune system. One of the most important receptors in your body are the CB2 receptors, which help the immune system manage pain. Researchers have found that CBD produces natural cannabinoids that attach themselves to the CB2 receptors. This helps reduce inflammation in your body.

Types of Treatment Options

Hemp oil for pain relief can be consumed in several different ways. The most common way is to put a few drops under your tongue, which is a quick way for CBD to enter the bloodstream. You should notice the effect within a few minutes.

You can also consume an edible. Edibles are foods that are baked with the oil as part of the ingredients. The oil is often found in cookies or brownies. You can also add the oil to gummies. Consuming the hemp oil in a food product will take a little longer for the oil to enter your bloodstream through. You can smoke the oil through a vaporizer. You can also apply the oil directly to your skin in a topical cream. The cream will quickly help soothe sore muscles and other painful areas.

Other Hemp Oil Health Benefits


CBD can help you if you have anxiety issues. Researchers believe that the oil can change the way that the brain reacts to serotonin. Studies have also shown that CBD can reduce stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and insomnia.

Neuro-degenerative Disorders

Researchers believe that CBD can help people who are dealing with neuro-degenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.


The National Cancer Institute conducted a study that shows that CBD can help stop cancer cell growth with far fewer side effects than traditional cancer treatment.