Hemp oil is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, also known as CBD, that is extracted from a hemp plant. CBD has tremendous health benefits, including producing a feeling of relaxation and calm, without experiencing a high. Placing the hemp oil under tongue is the best way to use this product. This is the way we recommend our customers consume our products. Keep reading to find out why.

Applying hemp oil under the tongue is called sublingual application and works by absorbing into the blood vessels under the tongue. This absorption allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream quicker than a capsule or other common use methods. Effects are not lost when the oil is absorbed because it does not undergo any digestion. This gives a stronger and faster effect from the CBD oil. As an added benefit, the remainder of the oil that is not absorbed will be swallowed and digested, which will give a long-lasting effect.

Who Should Apply Hemp Oil Under Tongue
Anyone who finds it difficult to take medicines in pill or capsule form will find this application method quite inviting. Applying under the tongue also increases the strength, which is great for anyone who could use a little more potency from their hemp oil. These two benefits fit nicely together with the enhanced rate of effect that is beneficial to everyone who uses the hemp oil under tongue. Certainly, the product will still work if just swallowed, but we highly recommend you take our hemp oil products per the instructions on the bottle (under the tongue) for maximum results.

There are several methods available for using CBD products, and different ways of using and applying each of these products. Using hemp oil under your tongue has quite a few benefits that make this method a great choice.